Rawness.se have tried out Silence Pro pants, Read the review here!

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  • Rawness.se have tried the Silence Pro pants, Read the review here!

Revolution Race SILENCE PRO Pants

Like much else when to engage in any activity , it is more fun with the right gadgets and clothes. Should one bike is a pair of padded cycling shorts a must for me. Should you perform yoga you wouldn't perhaps wear dungarees right ? Exactly the same thing applies when you are outdoors and might want to wander, fix in the garden or skate .

In this test , I tried Fritidsfabrikens trousers Revolution Race Silence Pro Pants. It is a functional pant with waterproof areas, five pockets and vents on the side of the leg.

First impression

After I open the bag and saw the neatly folded pants with some fine paper labels. The trousers felt light and fabric thin and brittle. Something, howeve, I liked right away was the adjustment at the base and hooks you can hook in his shoes .

After looked through the size chart I decided to go for a pair in Large. The pant fitted really good and the length is perfect. Because the waist is elastic the pants doesnt press at the hips as hard as pants without stretching can do. The trousers are noticeably shorter than my other from Lundhags and, thanks to the elastic material it is made of the pants are very comfortable at thighs. 

Area of use
According to the specification on the website the pants can be used in a lot of different activities and I can not but agree. During the test period, I have been using, among other things the pants with success for both skating, climbing, walking, everyday life and chores in the garden. Silence Pro did not disappoint me at any time. Thanks to the trousers storage options and the ability to regulate ventilation and fit it became an instant favorite.

Revolution Race Silence Pro is undoubtedly one of my favorites when it comes to outdoor pants. It is light, airy and has lots of features. Trousers weight thought I would create problems to the tears and the like but it turned out to be unwarranted . One of the favorite features is the adjustable leg hems with buttons in four positions . Thanks to this feature keeps the ankles neat and clean from hanging ribbons as other functional pants may have.

The elastic waist fit well around the waist and with a belt it sits in place at all times. Something which unfortunately proved over time to be less well with the waist is that it easily after a while gets a little too generous and the trousers can slip down a little. The distances between the holes belt felt like a bit sparse when I sometimes had the belt against the skin when the pant weight itself. A strengthening of the material in the waist might remedy this? The problem with the pant stretches itself becomes better after washing admittedly. So strap on a belt.

The pants are made ​​of 4- way stretch and is soft and pliable. You can move freely without any part of the trousers tightening of good and evil. The waterproof panel at the backside is perfect as extra protection but I felt the slightly thin when it got really wet. Something I also sometimes lacked was the same type of fabric over the knees. The thin soft fabric was not enough always to protect my knees against wind, rain and hard surfaces . Are you looking for extra protection of the knees I can recommend Nordwand pants .

After spending a few days in the woods with this pant it's still in good condition with no scratches or holes. The thin material, I thought would be an easy match for branches and rocks to get a hole in the pants but the pants also deliver there. Silence Pro Revoluton Race is simply a super awesome feature trouser that can handle everyday challenges and more!


– Fit
– Adjustable
– Spacious pockets
– Flexible
– Durable


– Elastic waist folds down because of the thin material
– A bit too cold for winter
– Lack of extra belt loop 


- Waterproof parties in membrane equipped 3-layer Duralite WP + rear and bottom of the pant legs
- 5 - pockets
- Boot hooks, to attatch pants to shoe lace
- Quick drying stretch - The pants are available in sizes S to XXXL
- Adjustable cuffs with snaps in 4 positions
- Reinforced inside ankles
– Three colors | svart | blå | grön samt damstorlekar

849 kr (90 Euro)


Design 4/5
Function 4/5
Fit 4/5
Quality 4/5
Price 4/5

Total: 20/25

- See more at: http://rawness.se/inspiration-motivation/test-revolutionrace-silence-pro-pants/#sthash.ydpcj3WA.dpuf

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