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Rawness.se have reviewed Revolution Race GPx Zip-off Pants. Read the review here!


Sommarens grymmaste fritidsbyxa - Revolution Race GPX - Zipp-off pants. Foto: Bang Engström

This summers best outdoor pant - Revolution Race GPX - Zipp-off pants. Photo: Bang Engström

Release the legs – Revolution Race GPX zip-off

One of many news från Fritidsfabriken is Gpx zip-off pants. GPx is an outdoor pant with removable legs and this among many different functions makes the Gpx zip-off pants an outdoor pant suited for many different outdoor activities. 

Unlike Revolution Race Silence Pro from Fritidsfabriken is Revolution Race GPX zip-off a sturdier pants but with the same great fit. The pants have six pockets which one is suited for the mobilephone. GPx zip-off pants are reinforced at front thigh, butt and ankles. The pants are adjustable at ankles and have practical boot hooks to attatch the shoe lace with the pants. This light weighted and stretchy pants comes in different colours and as the name reveale the legs are removable so you can turn the pants into shorts. 

Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants som har avtagbara ben. Foto: Bang Engström
Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants with removable legs. Photo: Bang Engström

Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants are very similar to Revolution Race Silence Pro when it comes to fit. The pants have normal waist with a slimmer leg. The length is a bit shorter, which we prefer. Gpx zip-off pants are stretchy and fits good around the thighs without the zippers rubbing against the skin. 

Byxan har en fin passform med justerbara benslut. Foto: Bang EngströmThe pants have a nice fit with adjustable ankles. Photo: Bang Engström

Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants are made from different materials to create a nice fit with good functionality. With a mix of stretch panels and reinforce areas have Fritidsfabriken succeeded in creating a functional outdoor pants. The texture makes the pants a bit sturdier without pilling up at the ankles or tighten the thighs. If you wish to increase the functionality, you can also wax the reinforce areas. 

Byxan är tillverkad av flera olika material som ger en en bra helhet. Foto: Bang Engström
The pants are made of different materials to create a functional pant. Photo: Bang Engström

Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants comes with many different functions which is both practical and smart. The removable legs have different colours at the zippers so you can easily attatch the pants legs again. Despite Silence Race Pro, who has buttons at ankles have GPx zip-off pants a strong burdock which makes it even easier to adjust. The GPx zip-off pants have six pockets, on thighs and back. Many of the pockets have zippers to keep your stuff at place, the pockets are also easy to open and close with one hand. 

Smidig justerings vid benslutet. Foto: Bang EngtrömAdjustable with strong burdock at ankles. Photo: Bang Engtröm
Färgmärkta ben som underlättar återkoppling. Foto: Bang Engström
The zippers on the removable legs are colour marked, which will facilitate when reattatch the pants legs. Photo: Bang Engström
Byxans förstärkta delar går med fördel att vaxa in. Foto: Bang Engström
The pants reinforce parts can be waxed in for extra water resistent. Photo: Bang Engström

The smart design of Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants and choice of materials which makes the pants flexible is suitable for many different activites. This stretchy pants is even comfortable to bicycling in. The smart function with the removable legs make the pants a real hit during hotter days, when you want to air the legs. Despite it's sturdiness the pants never felt hot but comfortable. 

Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants is great on many aspects but less good when it's complemented with underclothing. The somewhat fitted fit makes the pants to tight when wearing underclothing. If you're planning to wear underclothing please have a look at the sizechart before ordering. 

Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants har avtagbara ben men fungerar sämre tillsammans med underställ. Foto: Bang Engström
Revolution Race GPx zip-off pants have removable pants legs, but works less together with underclothing. Photo: Bang Engström

The sharp design follows the waist good all around and closes without leaving marks behind. Together with a belt the pants sits even if you go down on squatting or sitting down . Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants can also advantageously be waxed onto the pants reinforce areas for better performance .

Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants does well in washing test but becomes slightly smaller after machine washing, but gives away fairly quickly during use. The colour after washing is still vivid and without pilling. Velcro strap at ankels are still good after many washes but does not performe as good as when new. Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants are a nice pant that can handle most things, so you can keep having an active life whether it is a day in the archipelago or camping week in the mountains.  

Praktiska benkrokar att haka fast i skosnörena. Foto: Bang Engström
Practical boot hooks to attatch the pants to the shoe lace. Photo: Bang Engström

Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants is a unique outdoor pant with versatility and functionality. With removable legs where the zippers are color marked and a comfortable stretch throughout the pants makes this a pant with perfect fit and good performance. Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants comes in women and men's sizes and have a slightly fitted fit. The pants reinforced areas can be waxed onto to make the pants even more water resistent. The pants have delivered wheter we biked, hiking or just walking around in the city. The sporty look at Revolution Race GPx zip-off pants makes it easy to match with other similar clothing and worn with advantage together with a belt. 


–Removable pants legs, with a technical cut to avoid zipper rubbing against skin. 

– Different colored zippers on write and left legs to simplify reattatching the legs
– Reinforce areas at butt, front thigh and ankles
– Stretch at top and hollow of the knee
– 6-pockets, 2 tigh pockets, 2 hand pockets, 1 back pocket and one pocket for the mobilephone
– Boot hook to attatch pants legs to shoe lace 
– Adjustable ankles 

Revolution Race GPX Zip-off pants
Price: 800kr (80 Euro)

Design 4/5
Function 5/5
Fit 4/5
Quality 4/5
Price 4/5

Total: 21/25

You can purchase the pants here: Fritidsfabriken


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