RAWNESS. SE Tries Nordwand Pro Pants, Read the review here!

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RAWNESS. SE Tries Nordwand Pro Pants, Read the review here!

14 Nov 2015
Jag har testat nya Revolution Race Norwand PRO
I have tried the new Revolution Race Nordwand Pro Pants

TEST: Revolution Race Nordwand PRO – good becomes better

Revolution Race the brand thats stand behind the popular Nordwand Pro pants have now refine and improved the pants details.How do the new model perform? I've tried the new Revolution Race Nordwand Pro 2016.

For the upcoming season have Revolution Race been frequent. There are already new edition of the super pant Nordwand PRO onsite at Fritidsfabriken. With stronger thread, button and buckle quality zippers from YKK has Revolution Race done a fine job with the details as before was quite pale of the previous model. Revolution Race Nordwand PRO 1.1 or 2016 as I call it, is a fully-featured pant that is suitable for outdoor activities or as simple work trousers. 

Revolution Race Nordwand PRO i väntan på nya äventyr. Bild: Bang Engström

Revolution Race Nordwand PRO waits for new adventures. Photo: Bang Engström

Fit and material

Nordwand PRO has a very nice fit. Trouser elastic combination of materials makes it flexible and forgiving. Stretch panels in 4 - way stretch over the knees and buttocks contribute to the flexible fit with the elastic waist. With only 35% and the remaining cotton with a blend of nylon, RVRC stretch, polyester and spandex is pant unbelievably well balanced when it comes to the ventilation and heat insulation. The legs are slightly long for its size and the waist is normal. The model is fairly straight. I am 180 cm and chose medium.

Area of use

Nordwand PRO is a very versatile pant that is suitable among others for hiking, fishing, outdoor activities and even easier climbing. During the test period were Nordwand PRO including go on hikes in the mountains, caving and several glorious days in the woods. After some crawling in cave passages and coffee breaks on rocks and tree stumps in the middle of nowhere, I'm pretty impressed that stretch panels on the butt kept so well . The new generation Nordwand PRO has instead of Velcro straps at the hem received button clasps instead which is a real treat. Previously, the Velcro straps feature loose after some use and washing. The new design is welcome and has not shown shortcomings yet.

Byxan har många stretchpaneler som tillsammans ger en mycket god komfort.

The pants have a lot of stretch that increase the comfort.

Knäpartiet har 4-vägstretch och längst ner finns benkrokar
Lap portion has 4 ways stretch and at bottom boot hook. 

Functionally Nordwand PRO has a number of technical solutions that were used both extensively, and not nearly as often. Boot hooks are also included in this model and also the longitudinal ventilation opening on the sides. At the front there are pockets that can easily swallow a compact camera, a hat or a pair of mittens. The distance to the trouser side pockets was good but served to all pockets, it could be a bit difficult to take out the steps fully in hilly terrain. Thanks to the pants design is very flexible, which I experienced when I climbed the cliffs at Shades Boda Bergen. Unfortunately, adherence and comfort at a price including climbing , or when you need to kneel. The pants stretch panels at the knees are slightly thin and hard, sharp surfaces feel throughout, not nice . However, it is very gratefully stretch wedge in the knees and stretch panels above the knee when climbing.

The trousers also have a phone pocket on the inside of one thigh pocket. Perfect for when you are moving and want to quickly find their phone instead of digging around in the deep pocket. Nordwand PRO is for those who also want to use a belt. Pants have extra wide belt loops. Despite pants stretch waist is so stable that it does not fold unnecessarily with the belt.

Elastiskt midja med extra kraftiga bälteshällor

Elastic waist with extra wide belt loops. 

Robust byxknapp med blixtlåsförsedd gylf.

Sturdy button and YKK zippers

Kvalitets blixtlås från YKK


Nordwand PRO after several washes still a nice fit. The trousers will shrink slightly when washing, but will return very quickly to your regular fit. The trousers retains its fine structure, however, takes the trousers details some beating as the embroidered logo on the thigh and rubber parts of the zippers. This is not affecting the trousers feature, but it may be somewhat dull. The trousers are also no record holder in dry quickly without having a pretty normal drying time by centrifugation at 1400 rpm or self-drying in handwashing .


New Revolution Race Norwand PRO is the trousers gone from good to better, much better. With carefully improvements and an incredible fit that works only is it a pleasure to wear new Nordwand PRO. Whether it is a weekend in the archipelago or top hiking in the Alps Nordwand PRO delivers both comfort, durability and function.

– 2016 years model with YKK zippers
– Ventilation zippers along the outsides of the thighs
– Stretch panels in 4 way stretch over knee
– Stretch over butt
– Stretch at hips
– Gusseted stretch at knees
– Boot hooks to attatch pants to shoe lace
– Two handpockets 
– Two thigh pockets
– Phonepocket at mesh inside left thigh pocket
– Extra wide belt loops
– Adjustable cuffs with buttons
– Reinforced crotch seams
– Elastic at the back of the waist for optimal fit

– Weight620g (m)

Revolution Race Nordwand PRO
Price: 849 sek
Rate: 5/5 (Excellent)

– Flexible and perfect fit
– Good storage pockets
– Cuffs with buttons
– Boot hooks

– A bit too long

– Thin material at knees

Nya Nordwand PRO är bland annat förbättrad med knappspännen vid bensluten och starkare tråd.

New Nordwand Pro are improved with adjustable cuff with buttons and stronger thread. 

Nya Revolution Race Nordwand PRO kommer i flera spännande färger. Denna heter Cactus green

New Revolution Race Nordwand PRO comes in many different colors, this color is Cactus Green. 

Revolution Race Nordwand Pro har blivit bättre, mycket bättre

Revolution Race Nordwand Pro has become even better 

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